The Goodness of Malabar
Farm to Table
With Total Transparency

Discover the Taste of Malabar.

Fresh Coconuts

Direct from our coconut groves, our fresh coconuts are a symbol of purity and natural goodness.

Coconut Oils

Cold-pressed to perfection, our coconut oils capture the authentic aroma and health benefits of coconuts.

Coconut Shell Craft

Experience the artistry of our skilled craftsmen who transform coconut shells into beautiful and eco-friendly crafts.

Coconut Soap

Pamper your skin with the nourishing properties of coconut in our gentle and rejuvenating soaps.

Black Pepper

Explore the bold and aromatic flavors of Malabar with our premium black pepper sourced from local farms.


Add vibrancy and wellness to your dishes with our high-quality turmeric, harvested and processed with care.

Organic Straw

Embrace sustainability with our organic straws, a planet-friendly alternative for your beverages.

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